Joe's Tech Tips

July 26

Monsoon season in Arizona means more dirt and dust floating in the air, which means that your a/c system needs to operate at optimum efficiency. Not only is it important to keep your engine's air filter operating at peak efficiency, but it's also vital to inspect your vehicle's cabin air filter for proper air flow. This filter usually lives under the passenger side of the vehicle's glove box area and is found on many cars and light trucks.
Another area that often gets overlooked is the hidden space that exists between your vehicle's radiator and a/c condenser assembly. This a common final resting place for bugs, leaves, and other debris, which can affect the radiator and a/c condenser's ability to expel heat generated by your engine, as well as the heat that is being removed from the interior of the vehicle.
Have both of these items inspected next time you're in for your oil and filter change.
Happy Friday, all!
- R.H. ‘Joe’ Lopez


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